Benefits of a CERT-In cyber security audit

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Strengthen your security posture

Approach your CERT-In certification as an opportunity to strengthen your organization’s security posture and establish proper security measures rather than a mandatory compliance.

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Build credibility with customers

The foundation to a long and successful relationship with your customers is built on trust. Getting a CERT-In certificate can reinforce your reputation as an organization that takes security seriously.

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Improve cyber resilience results

A CERT-In cyber security audit is a great first step towards being truly cyber resilient. By integrating security throughout your organization’s IT lifecycle, you can stay protected from known risks, detect new risks as they arise, and evolve to thrive in an ever-changing threat landscape.

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Ensure security compliance

Obtaining CERT-In certificates are mandatory for banks, NBFCs and payment gateways to comply with certain RBI mandates, and to sell software, hardware or services to the Government of India to name a few.

What is covered in a CERT-In cyber security audit process?
The CERT-In cyber security audit and certification process takes place in three steps:
  • Detailed audit of
    organization’s systems

    A comprehensive audit entailing all the aspects of your organization including applications, network and devices is conducted. On completion, a detailed report is submitted for the organization to start working on remediation.

  • Re-testing against fixes

    In this step, checks are done to make sure that patches have been implemented correctly. Additional testing is done to ensure no new vulnerabilities have appeared due to the changes made.

  • Issuance of CERT-in certificate

    Final checks are carried out and a CERT-in audit certificate will be issued. The certificate and final report can be submitted to customers, partners or stakeholders when requested for along with the supporting documentation.

Ready to get started with your CERT-In cyber security audit?